Swim Spa Buying Tips January 18,2022.
Buying a swim spa can be a confusing undertaking. With so many sizes, features and options available, knowing which swim spa to buy can be tough. With that in mind we thought we would give you our best swim spa buying tips to help you buy the right swim spa !

1) Understand Why You're Buying A Swim Spa
Our first outdoor swimming pool buying tip is the most basic; understand why you're buying a swim spa in the first place. Before setting foot in a store you should think about why you're buying a swim spa. Common reasons for buying a swim spa include:
  • Fitness.
  • A Pool For The Kids.
  • Relaxation.
  • Year Round Swimming.

2) Consider Long Term Costs As Well As Purchase Price

While most people know what they’re willing to spend to purchase a acrylic swim spa, few fully consider what the long term cost difference between two swim spas will be. Getting a great initial price doesn’t mean much if it costs you an arm and a leg to run the swim spa. For this reason you should consider both the “cost to own” the swim spa as well as its purchase price.

3) Buy At The Right Time
When looking for a great deal on a acrylic swim spa, timing is everything. The best time to buy a swim spa is typically during an event sale. Before buying a swim spa at an event sale, you should first find out where the company selling it is from and how they plan on servicing your swim spa after the event is over.

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